3 Tips to Manage Your Career

3 Tips to Help you Manage Your CareerHave you hit a career stalemate? Here are three tips to help you better manage your career and get over this dilemma.

Are you doing what you can to fully manage your career? For example, you have achieved "success" in your chosen profession. You have the title, the accolades, the compensation and the perks (well, maybe!); but you couldn’t be more miserable! The truth is, none of it matters to you anymore because you have "hit the ceiling."  You are no longer challenged, taken for granted, living an unbalanced life and feeling constantly stressed; and most importantly, that little voice in your head is telling you that what you slave over daily really doesn't matter in the larger scheme of things! What to do?

Here are three simple tips to help your manage your career, to break the stalemate, and move you forward to a place where the success, satisfaction and significance you deserve await you.

Manage Your Career (Tip 1): Acknowledge the Problem

In other words, acknowledge to yourself that you are unhappy and unfulfilled. You may be wearing golden handcuffs, but the realization that you require much, much more, and your conviction that you are "better than this" will propel you forward. Note that the word is “acknowledge”, and not complain, whine, moan or groan. The first step is to recognize that change is essential to properly manage your career. Understand that you have the power to control your thoughts, as opposed to having them dictated by your surroundings. Use this to plan your next move. Be sure at this stage to allocate your time wisely. You can still excel at your current job responsibilities while conserving the appropriate amount of time you need to start working on your plan. This is essential!

Manage Your Career (Tip 2): Create Your Vision

Ask yourself this question: "If there were absolutely no obstacles in my way, what would I LOVE to do for the rest of my life?" Do you die of envy when you hear of an accountant who has fulfilled their lifelong dream of becoming an artisanal baker, or a physician who has become a concert violinist, or a delivery boy who built a global shipping empire? Allow yourself the luxury of dreaming about how that could be you! Say to yourself, "I want the rest of my life to be the best of my life!" Don’t just think about it - WRITE IT DOWN! There is great power in writing down our thoughts, dreams and goals (no computers here!), and revisiting them every day. It gives a whole new perspective, and it represents a covenant that you are making with yourself to follow through.

Manage Your Career (Tip 3): Execute Your Vision

.......you’re not surprised, right? Because there is no plan that is worth the paper it’s written on unless it is acted upon. By this time, if you’ve invested in meaningful self-exploration, you know that the logical next step is to take action and move forward.  In other words, it's time to properly manage your career. You may have learned that your heart’s desire is to move to the top of your current company, to pursue an exciting and challenging opportunity at another firm, to start your very own business, or to embark upon a totally different path. Contrary to popular opinion, you do not have to know every last detail to live your new dream; it is your vision, your burning desire and your persistence that will take you to your own personal mountaintop!

In summary, are your ready to ACE your life? Are you ready to Acknowledge the problem (A), Create your Vision (C), then Execute your vision (E)?  It's your  life! You will feel much more accomplished and less stressed once you have Acknowledged, Created and Executed your game plan for a fulfilling life. Take ownership of your career and learn how to manage your career properly. The investment you make in yourself will be the most important investment you will ever make, and it will take you places that you have only glimpsed in your dreams. And most importantly, it will be authentically yours!

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To your dreams!


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