About Deborah Oronzio – Career Transition Coach


Career transition and reinvention are important topics to me. Why? Because I’ve been through many and I empathize with those who are seeking greater meaning and satisfaction in their careers.  I know what it’s like to perform a job well yet feel unfulfilled at the end of the work day. Leaving my first lab position out of college to enter the business world was a big step outside of my comfort zone. For starters, I had to wear a business suit as opposed to scrubs! Making the moves from Technical Trainer to Product Manager to Director then VP Marketing and Business Development over the years kept me on my toes as I learned not only about the relevant scientific principles but also about the ever-changing world of marketing and sales. I was challenged on the job daily, and opted to augment my science degree with a master’s in business from Johns Hopkins University. The reason I share this is to acknowledge the importance of our educational credentials yet to demonstrate that even these don’t necessarily take us in the direction we want to go.

After twenty-some years of success in a variety of related companies ranging from large multi-nationals to small innovators, I remained unfulfilled in my career.  I had mastered many business techniques yet kept gravitating to the softer side of the business – its people and their development. I discovered my passion for training, mentoring and counseling my peers and direct reports. I surrendered big compensation to pursue a completely new career path as a business instructor at a local community college. Knowing that I was making an impact on my students and guiding them through career-related decisions was most rewarding to me above and beyond the business principles I was teaching. I was especially thrilled that I could guide them to pursue their career dreams by taking a marketing approach, that is, recognizing that they are selling themselves when seeking a new career opportunity, and applying sound business principles to accomplish that.

Because of my strong belief in the value of continuous learning, I made the commitment to formalize my desire to coach by obtaining my coaching credentials. Initially, I was certified as a life coach with a specialty in career coaching through the Coach Training Alliance. I also completed my certification as a Dream Builder Coach through the Life Mastery Institute.  This second certification was instrumental in teaching me the power of transformative thinking, which I believe is instrumental when we seek to make these significant changes in our lives. Let me help you find the success, satisfaction and significance you deserve. It could be a move up in your current field, a brand new career, or your very own business.

If I can do it, so can you!

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