Personalized Career Strategy Session

Gain proactive control over your desired career move

Rediscover your talents.
Make sure you feel financially secure when you decide to change careers.

My name is Deb Oronzio

of Self Empower Coaching and I am a certified career coach.
I have over 20 years’ experience helping people discover and embrace their Skills, Knowledge, and Assets to enhance their current career or to make the transition to a new and more fulfilling career.

Personalized Career Strategy Session

I invite you to setup a personalized career strategy session with me where together, we will review your individual career needs and desires.

Over the course of our time together, we will explore where you are now, perhaps undecided and confused, and envision a place where Clarity and Clear Focus will reinforce your Confidence, boosting your commitment to action!

Create Your Career Vision

When you schedule your personalized career strategy session, you will also receive access to my course, Create Your Career Vision, a 3-part video series covering everything you need to consider when making a wise career move. This video program is a $247 value but it’s yours FREE today when you schedule your strategy session.
You DESERVE more than a stressful, thankless and unfulfilling career. You DESERVE the life you want to live – TODAY.
Do you want to keep doing what you are doing? . . . Or are you willing to make a change? It’s your choice, you see. Are you ready to make that career move?

Really take the time to think about this…

What will happen if you don’t consider a career change today?
Are you willing to trudge through a job you hate for someone who no longer appreciates you – or perhaps never did?

How long are you willing to wait?
One year, two, five – how long do you want to continue to suffer?
Don’t you just want to end the pain now?




I won’t lie to you. Changing careers will take effort, patience and persistence. It’s not advisable to do it alone.
Don’t just finish watching this video wondering what it would be like had you taken action.

You owe it to yourself – to your family and friends – to end the stress of an unfulfilling career now.

Here is the perfect place to start. Because you DESERVE a stress-free career today.