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Create Your Personal Brand for Your Career Change!

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Brand yourself for a career change

We have come to recognize and respect the value of branding everything!  Today, few people remember the days when "generic" meant a white-labeled can with large block, black print revealing the contents as peas. This approach died quickly as marketers embraced the power of branding.  Even "generic" products are branded these days. Jobseekers, in the job search market, you are the product. Do the work to differentiate yourself from the competition. Create your personal brand for your career change.


This short video will explain how and why it's important to create your career brand:

This requires the inner work that will reveal all of your skills and assets.  Explore those skills and assets that you love using. I relate to the guy in this article, How to Brand Yourself for a Career Change. Like him, I always loved the training aspect of my positions even when I had prestigious titles like Vice President.

Think differently!

Branding yourself effectively for a new career path requires a new way of thinking about your career. Here are three steps to create the branding that Liz Ryan discusses in her article:Continue reading

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The Career Coaching game might just be the kick your job search needs

The Career Coaching Game

Playing The Career Coaching Game Can Help to Accelerate Your Results!

We all like games.  What about playing the Career Coaching game?  When I read the Washington Post article, A career coach might just be the kick your job search needs, it reminded me of the game show, The Dating Game.  The show created the “perfect match” between bachelors and bachelorettes. They asked a series of questions to each other without first seeing each other.

What's that to do with career management? Continue reading

Career Management – Resilience Works

Resilience: A Game Changer in Career Management

My recent lesson learned in career management...

We are always learning! I learned an important lesson recently in career management. Here's my story... Despite growing up with two brothers and raising three boys, I admit I am still not much of a sports fan.  This didn’t stop me from watching the Super Bowl last month, not thinking initially how this football game would have anything to do with career management.

This LA Times article, Take a cue from Tom Brady. Resilience on the job can pay big rewards, demonstrates how we can positively impact our career management when we have the kind of resilience that Tom Brady and his team demonstrated by hanging in with a 25-point deficit, maintaining their cool and making a resounding comeback to win the game in overtime.

Continue reading

Refresh or Reset Your Mindset

New Career Direction: Refresh or Reset?

new career direction

Is it time for a new career direction?

Do you know the difference between a career refresh and a career reset?

Frozen … stalled … stuck … crashed … blue screen of death …

The terminology is familiar to us in this age of computer technology.  While we may not know how to fix these technical problems, we will use these words to describe what is happening to others in the hope that someone, anyone will be able to help us solve these issues. Isn’t this something that can happen to us in our jobs?  We feel frozen in place, stalled with no foreseeable opportunity to get a raise or be promoted; then, we feel stuck becauseContinue reading

Your Career Desire: Follow Your Heart!

Your Career Desire: Follow Your Heart

When it comes to your career desire, try following your heart.

Valentine’s Day is approaching and we see hearts everywhere – paper hearts, glittery hearts, candy hearts, red hearts, pink hearts, hearts on cards and cakes – all designed to remind us of love and our heart’s desire.

As a career coach, I’m interested to talk about your heart’s desire, that ideal job that you allow yourself to dream about every now and again while you are in the midst of career limbo or even career hell. Your career desire may be speaking to you through a longing that surfaces every now and then, or even every day.Continue reading

3 Tips to Manage Your Career

3 Tips to Help you Manage Your CareerHave you hit a career stalemate? Here are three tips to help you better manage your career and get over this dilemma.

Are you doing what you can to fully manage your career? For example, you have achieved "success" in your chosen profession. You have the title, the accolades, the compensation and the perks (well, maybe!); but you couldn’t be more miserable! The truth is, none of it matters to you anymore because you have "hit the ceiling."  You are no longer challenged, taken for granted, living an unbalanced life and feeling constantly stressed; and most importantly, that little voice in your head is telling you that what you slave over daily really doesn't matter in the larger scheme of things! What to do?

Here are three simple tips to help your manage your career,Continue reading

Time for a Career Tune Up?

Do not forget your career tune up
Sometimes we just have to understand that we need to invest in our most important asset, ourselves.

Here are several great reasons why it is important to get a career tune up.

Why do professionals often neglect a career tune up? After all, the majority of us have vehicles that take us where we need and want to go every day of our lives. Our careers are even more important. Not only do we pay a hefty price to purchase a new vehicle but also we invest quite a bit of money insuring it, registering it and keeping it in tip-top shape. According to the AAA, the average person spends $9,641 per year for the privilege of driving. Keep in mind that these estimated costs are based onContinue reading

Getting Along in the Workplace: What Do You Flex – Mind or Muscle?

Getting along in the workplace: What Do You Flex – Mind or Muscle

This article addresses two key components of getting along in the workplace.

The amount of time we spend in the workplace is significant. As such, how do we optimize our opportunities to make a difference – in the midst of diverse opinions, stupid rules, toxic bosses, difficult colleagues or employees, and the like - while retaining our sense of self?

Getting along in the workplace: Flexing our muscles

It occurred to me that we bring many of our workplace issues on ourselves by taking the decision to flex our muscles.We commit ourselves firmly to our ideas and our perceptions without really consideringContinue reading

Build Your Dream: Never Leave Your Dreams to Chance!

Build Your Dream: Never Leave Your Dreams to Chance

Here's how I learned I had the skills necessary that enable me to tell my clients that "I can help you build your dream"

Background on how to build your dream.

I’ve been traveling quite a bit lately, which is why my blog was on hiatus. Right now, I am in Concord, Massachusetts getting ready to participate in a retreat with my mentor, Mary Morrissey. She is leading this retreat to share the rich history of the Concord Conversations in the place where “democracy, American style, began. It was here that “the shot heard round the world” occurred. It was here that a small group of inquisitive, deep thinkers discoveredContinue reading